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When it comes to substance abuse and mental health issues, our nation’s veterans are not immune. Often faced with unique challenges like combat-related trauma, PTSD, and the struggle to transition back into civilian life, veterans have a high likelihood of developing addiction issues when they return home. Thankfully, the department of Veterans Affairs have dedicated VA drug rehab centers with the sole purpose of providing necessary support and treatment for soldiers struggling with substance use disorder and mental health. Understanding how VA treatment programs work, the services they offer and how they help veterans recover is essential to helping the vet in your life find healing and recovery. 

The Scope of the Problem

Substance use disorder is an ever increasing problem among the veteran population. Roughly 11% of veterans suffer from alcoholism or drug abuse. While the actual number is most likely much higher, the military’s zero tolerance policy towards addiction and the overall stigma amongst soldiers on seeking outside help leads reported cases to be under analyzed. This means, at a minimum, there are nearly two million soldiers in this country suffering alone. 

VA Resources 

Despite the growing number of veterans struggling with substance abuse, there are specialized VA inpatient rehabs that are staffed with professionals experienced in the complexities of military service and how it impacts the mental health of veterans and can cause subsequent substance abuse issues. Veterans rehabs offer a range of services such as:

Detox Programs: Medically supervised detoxification programs that ensure veterans can safely withdraw from drugs and alcohol. Detox is the first step towards recovery. 

Therapy: Individual and group therapy provides soldiers with the opportunity to participate in therapy sessions with trained professionals who can understand the specific challenges facing veterans on their road to recovery. Group therapy sessions also provide a community of other military personnel who have been through similar experiences and can provide support and accountability. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT): When appropriate, MAT programs can be used to manage withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and provide a frontline medical defense against future use. It can also be used to prevent overdose and treat chronic pain without the use of narcotics. 

Mental Health Support: 1 out of ever 3 veterans seeking treatment for substance use disorder also has PTSD. A majority of soldiers are also struggling with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and pain issues amongst others. VA treatment programs are well versed in these mental health issues and can provide specific treatment modalities to address each one in the context that they relate to the individual soldier and their experiences in combat. .

Peer Support

When a veteran accesses a VA drug rehab center they are included into a deep network of peer support. Soldiers all share the same background of combat. When one successfully overcomes addiction, they can play a crucial role in helping others in their recovery process. Providing motivation and understanding has proven to be exceptionally beneficial to the overall success of veterans’ rehab programs. 

Personalized Treatment Plans

Just as each veteran’s journey to recovery is unique, so then should their treatment plan be. Within the VA, each plan is tailored to address the individual soldier's history, situation, needs, overall health, and desired outcomes. 

Resources for Family and Loved Ones

Addiction takes its toll not just on the struggling veteran but also on their family and friends. The VA substance abuse programs offer support and resources for the families of veterans so they can better understand what their loved one is going through. These resources are also an invaluable guide on how to provide compassionate love and support during the recovery process.


Veterans give all of themselves to protect this country. The VA gives all of itself in helping soldiers overcome substance abuse and mental health conditions. These specialized treatment centers provide services which are unique to the challenges faced by veterans. If you or a loved one is a veteran in need of addiction treatment, call Owl’s Nest Recovery today. We are here to support you and provide you the care you deserve and have earned. 


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