Alcoholism & Addiction Recovery Program

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  • Short Term ProgramSmall group settings with individualized attention
  • Long Term ProgramBuild a solid foundation in recovery and discover a new way of life
  • Simple Same Day Admissions ProcessThe Owl's Nest features a simple same day admissions process
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  • Vocational RehabilitationRediscover financial independence
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  • The Answers

    Within an hour and a half of my arrival at The Owl’s Nest, I had the answers to questions that had perplexed me for 32 years. Questions like: “What is wrong with me?” and “Why am I different from other people?” I was in a house full of other people that had asked the same questions and found the answers. Not only the answers, but also the solution.
    Today, I have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. I am once again a productive member of society and am dependable and depended upon. I have a purpose in life now, and that purpose is to share with the alcoholic that is still suffering, that which was so freely given to me: hope.
    -James H. (Atlanta, GA)
    May 8, 2012
  • My Wildest Dreams

    I was a sixth-grade school teacher and did not understand what was wrong with me. I lost everything including my family, so I tried everything I could to stop drinking and taking drugs. I thought I was destined to die that way until I ended up at another detox center and was given the phone number to The Owl’s Nest Recovery Community.
    Never in my wildest dreams did I think my life would change the way it has. Now everything I lost has been restored and I am truly happy, joyous, and free.
    -Hope W. (Georgetown, SC)
    August 7, 2007
  • The Solution

    Having gone to so many treatments in the past, I did not think it would ever be possible for me to get and remain sober. Finally, on a last ditch effort, my family sent me to the Owl's Nest. I made friendships that will last a lifetime and truly got into THE SOLUTION.
    The obsession to use drugs and alcohol has truly been removed and my life has been totally transformed in my fifteen months of sobriety. God has also blessed me with the opportunity to work in the Admission's Department at The Owl's Nest, and I have not looked back since.
    -Devin M. (Lake Ariel, PA)
    January 20, 2014
  • Dear Staff

    From the bottom of our hearts we thank you.
    Personally I would not have gotten through this journey without your ears and advise. I was a fish out of water flopping to and fro, drowning. It is quite amazing that there are angels like yourselves that give so freely. People that have found their calling to help others with such passion. I know I made a pest of myself but you calmed me and steered me in the right direction. I entrusted you with my most precious gift of all... my son.
    You have not only given him the spirituality that he needed, but you have also brought it back into my heart and Joe's. I know we have a long way to go, but I have a great feeling about Chris's second chance. His stay at The Owl's Nest has been invaluable, words cannot express our gratitude...
    -Theresa B. (Columbia, SC)
    August 28, 2015