Drug & Alcohol Recovery For Veterans: 5 Tips To Get Started

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It’s a sad irony that those who fight for our freedom so often find themselves shackled by physical and emotional pain after their service. Desperate to numb the pain, veterans often turn to drugs and alcohol to cope, creating a vicious cycle of addiction from which it is difficult to escape. Veterans addiction treatment can be the solution.

Veterans & Addiction 

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, active duty service members and veterans face a perfect storm of factors that often lead to addiction and substance abuse. Under the pressures of deployment, service members often start smoking, engaging in unhealthy alcohol use, and partaking in other risky behaviors. The military’s no-tolerance policies then may discourage those who develop a problem from getting help. Back at home, more than 10% of veterans will be diagnosed with a substance use disorder, according to NIDA. That’s more than the general population — and certainly only reflective of those struggling who get professional help. The actual number could be and likely is much higher.

Help for Addicted Veterans

If you are a veteran struggling with addiction, help is available — and it doesn’t have to come from the VA. Here’s where to start.

Step One: Understand Your Addiction

Veterans have willpower and courage far beyond the average citizen. Still, that’s not enough to beat addiction. The disease is a dangerous foe. Substance use disorder is classified as an illness according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual that doctors use to diagnose disease (DSM-V). You need and deserve professional help to beat it.

Step Two: Understand Addiction Treatment for Veterans

If you and a friend both had high blood pressure, your doctor likely wouldn’t prescribe you exactly the same medication at exactly the same dose. Addiction is a disease of the brain, and it also requires customized individual treatment in order to be effective. Addiction treatment for veterans is developed to address the particular needs, challenges, and goals of veterans seeking recovery. 

At Owl’s Nest, our Medical Director is a veteran. Members of our program receive a customized treatment plan upon intake. Developed by our expert clinical team, your addiction treatment plan will include a mix of innovative addiction treatment modalities to help you find freedom. For example, DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), experiential therapy, or one-on-one counseling may be effective. Daily yoga can help you find your footing. Regular 12 Step meetings and workshops will give you a recovery community not unlike your band of brothers and sisters.

Step Three: Dedicate Time to Addiction Treatment

Studies show that a longer length of treatment often results in a better outcome and lasting recovery. Owl’s Nest Recovery was designed to help our community members build that recovery foundation. At our peaceful wooded campus in Florence, SC, community members can proceed across the continuum of care from PHP to IOP and sober living

If you’re ready to do the work, we’ll give you a safe and supportive place where you can do it — affordably and effectively. Many of our residents stay for several months as they get their lives back on track. Recovery from addiction only requires you to commit to staying clean and sober one day at a time. If you’re willing to give it more of a chance, though, the results can be life-changing.

Step Four: Prepare to Pay for Veterans Addiction Treatment

Owl’s Nest Recovery is proud to be in-network with Tricare, VA Community Care, and many other private insurance providers. Receiving veterans addiction treatment may be more affordable than you think. Verify your insurance online to get a quick and easy overview of what veterans addiction treatment could cost you. Our admissions team will walk you through the details and help you understand how to get started, if you’re ready.

Step Five: Ask for Help

Of course, none of this matters if you’re not willing to pick up the phone or click on that chat button. Reach out for help, and our team will walk alongside you until you’re ready to spread your wings and fly in recovery. Even if you’re not sure that you’re ready, we can listen to your story and talk through your options with you. You deserve to experience true freedom — freedom from addiction.


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