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It is no secret that mom’s often enjoy getting together for socializing, community, and support. Often these get-togethers include popping open a bottle and relaxing with a glass of wine. This phenomenon occurs with such regularity the world over that it has been dubbed, “mommy wine culture.” Many mothers have found solace in a glass of vino, using it to unwind, relax, and take a break from the demanding role of parenting. As with everything, moderation is key and when an occasional indulgence turns into a habit, it may be time to consider taking a break or seeking help. In this blog we’ll dive into mommy wine culture and provide resources for those moms who may need to reassess their alcohol consumption. 

The Rise of Mommy Wine Culture

"Mommy Wine Culture" has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The increased strain on moms, whose kids were now out of school and home all day, led to a growing prevalence and dependence on alcohol among mothers. This was downplayed on social media which often portrayed the humorous side of motherhood through memes and anecdotes that normalized wine as a coping mechanism. While it's essential to find humor in the challenges of parenting, it's equally important to recognize when a reliance on alcohol may be veering into problematic territory.

Identifying Signs of Overindulgence

The line between social drinking and problem drinking can be razor thin. Most can’t recognize it for it is and cross the threshold unknowingly. But understanding what overindulgence looks like is crucial for maintaining personal health and the health of your family and relationships. Signs such as increased tolerance, frequent cravings, neglect of responsibilities, or experiencing negative consequences due to drinking are red flags that should not be ignored. 

The Importance of Seeking Support

Recognizing the need for professional assistance is a crucial aspect of addressing maternal alcohol consumption effectively. While self-reflection and lifestyle changes are powerful tools, the expertise and guidance of healthcare professionals can provide invaluable support tailored to an individual's unique circumstances. Here are some key considerations for mothers contemplating professional support:

  • Medical Assessment: Abruptly stopping alcohol if you’ve been drinking on a regular basis can be dangerous and life-threatening. Working with a medical professional to see if medical detox is required will ensure a safe and smooth transition. 

  • Addiction Specialists/Mental Health Professionals: If you’ve found that quitting alcohol is more difficult than you imagined and your alcohol use follows a pattern, consider consulting with a certified addiction specialist or therapist. These professionals possess specialized knowledge in addiction psychology and can help mothers navigate the complexities of substance use disorders. They can also help to diagnose any co-occurring mental health issues that you may be self-medicating with alcohol for. 

  • Support Groups: Joining support groups, both online and in-person, offers moms a sense of community and belonging. These groups provide a platform for sharing experiences, gaining insights, and receiving encouragement from others who are facing or have faced similar challenges. Replace the mommy drinking culture with the mommy recovery culture. 

  • Rehabilitation Programs: In more severe cases, where alcohol dependence has taken hold, inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation programs may be recommended. These programs offer intensive therapeutic interventions, medical monitoring, and a structured environment to support individuals in overcoming alcohol dependency.

  • Long-Term Aftercare: Establishing a plan for long-term aftercare is vital in maintaining progress. After completing initial treatment, mothers may continue with ongoing therapy, participate in support groups, and collaborate with professionals to ensure sustained recovery and overall wellness.


While the mommy wine culture may seem harmless on the surface, it's crucial for mothers to be mindful of their alcohol consumption and its potential impact on themselves and their family. Making the decision to quit drinking is not about punishment or judgment but rather about promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

Reclaim control and find fulfillment in the parenting journey without relying on alcohol as a crutch. Call Owl’s Nest Recovery today. Remember, it's okay to ask for help and prioritize your health and happiness for the sake of both you and your family. 


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