Treating Crack Addiction

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Treating Crack Addiction

Crack cocaine is a highly addictive drug. In fact, addiction can develop after just one use. When a user becomes addicted to crack, the brain develops a biochemical dependency on it. The drug then overwhelms the brain’s ability to make rational decisions about controlled use. This is why users often continue to use crack even when it has undeniable harmful effects on their life, like being arrested, losing jobs, or damaging important personal relationships.

An initial resolve to quit can be quickly overcome when an addict undergoes the intense cravings common to withdrawal. It is nearly impossible to overcome addiction alone; surrounding oneself with people who neither support nor accept the addiction is absolutely crucial to sobriety. An inpatient rehab center is the very best place to seek support and increase the likelihood of success.

At The Owl’s Nest, every participant starts by entering the Intensive Program. For 28 days, recovering addicts are removed from all outside distractions while they devote their full time and energy to learning and applying the 12 step model.

This intensive program provides social support and peer discussion, two keys to staying accountable within a sober community. Users can share experiences and offer support as they pursue recovery together. One on one time with a sponsor allows for thorough absorption of the concepts taught in this program. Principles learned in the intensive program are crucial for long term recovery.

Overcoming a biochemical dependency and adjusting to life and society without the use of crack can take a long time. Residents of The Owl’s Nest are given the option to stay for an additional 4 months in an Extended Program. This allows for more time to continue learning and applying the principles of the 12 step model.

In the Extended Program, residents begin to take on some financial responsibility for their treatment and recovery. The job search team at The Owl’s Nest assists residents in overcoming poor work histories to secure employment. More importantly, residents are given the support they need to continue applying the principles of the program as they prepare to re-enter society.

Many crack users have tried to quit crack only to relapse. If you have experienced the pain and disappointment of relapse, know that you are not disqualified from experiencing freedom from addiction. The Owl’s Nest offers a chronic relapse specialization to help you recover once and for all.

To reduce the risk of relapse upon completing a rehabilitation program, it is absolutely necessary for those in recovery to surround themselves with people who are also committed to recovery. Graduates of The Owl’s Nest program join a network of thousands of alumni around the country. These strong ties and ongoing relationships greatly reduce the likelihood of relapse and provide much needed support as former addicts begin a new life free from the bonds of crack addiction.

If you or someone you know is addicted to crack or has unsuccessfully attempted self treatment, please contact The Owl’s Nest today. We know that recovery is possible, and the support of the intensive and extended programs can make recovery a reality for you.