Treating Cocaine Addiction

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Treating Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is the result of a physical and chemical dependency on the drug. Cocaine rewires the part of the user’s brain that is responsible for producing the chemicals associated with experiencing pleasure. As dependence deepens, addicts can find it extremely difficult to experience pleasure or face difficult circumstances without the help of cocaine.

Cocaine also greatly increases the likelihood of impulsive behavior. The brain has a hard time delaying reward or prioritizing long term benefits over short term benefits. Similarly, the addict can struggle to fully consider the potential harm that could result from their decisions.

Each of these effects on the brain, when combined with the anxiety, depression, and intense cravings common in cocaine withdrawal, make it extremely difficult for users to overcome addiction. Addicts who try to recover alone may find it impossible to resist the urge to return to cocaine.

It is crucial that users learn healthier ways to achieve pleasure and face difficult circumstances, and they cannot do this alone. Counseling and support groups are crucial to long term success in overcoming addiction to cocaine.

The Owl’s Nest offers a 28 day Intensive Program that provides the environment cocaine addicts need to begin the journey of recovery. This program is extremely intensive with no outside distractions. Small group discussions, interaction with a sponsor, and days packed with workshops help provide accountability during the initial phases of withdrawal when users will be highly tempted to return to cocaine use. This intensive program allows participants to learn the material from the time tested 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous thoroughly and rapidly.

It is not uncommon for individuals recovering from cocaine addiction to seek longer term support after completing the intensive program. The Owl’s Nest offers an additional four months of recovery support in an extended program.

In this next phase of treatment, residents begin to take on financial accountability by securing employment. Without the support of a residential program, addicts may find it extremely difficult to resist using the income from a new job to purchase their drug of choice. At The Owl’s Nest, participants continue to learn and apply the 12 step program to ensure continued recovery even with the added responsibility of employment.

If you or a loved one has ever tried to stop cocaine use and found it impossible, stopped temporarily only to relapse, or experienced intense negative consequences as a result of cocaine abuse, you are not alone. The Owl’s Nest has a network of recovered addicts around the country that are living lives of freedom from cocaine addiction. Others have been where you are and, with the help of The Owl’s Nest treatment plan, have overcome the grip of cocaine addiction on their life. Contact us today to discover hope and begin your journey to a better life, free from addiction.