Intensive Residential Treatment Program

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Residents are required to make a minimum 28 day commitment to The Owl’s Nest, but may stay longer depending on their individual needs.

Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT) Program

The program at The Owl’s Nest is designed to be completed in phases. The primary program at The Owl’s Nest is an intensive study and application of the only time tested and proven method of recovery from addiction – the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as they are outlined in the Big Book. The Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT) Program offers a more personalized course of implementation. Group sessions contain fewer people, which allows the staff to effectively present the curriculum in a shorter amount of time.

At The Owl’s Nest, residents are more than just a number. If residents feel they need more time, they are encouraged to remain with The Owl’s Nest until they feel comfortable enough to return home. During the program, residents attend group sessions that encourage them to discuss their experiences and how they plan on achieving sobriety through the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Owl’s Nest staff provides unique insight and advice during these sessions based on their experience.

In addition to group sessions, residents participate in workshops that provide education and insight into each of the twelve steps, one on one sessions with a clinical therapist, and creative writing classes.

To learn more about our program please call or download our Informational Brochure.