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Mission Statement

To provide a time-tested and proper solution to men and women seeking recovery and freedom from addiction.


The Owl’s Nest and its parent organization Owl’s Club International were founded in 2001 to provide a successful alternative to the standard “treatment center” for addiction.

The founder sought recovery at more than 25 such institutions with no long term success. After he was finally able to overcome his addiction by properly implementing the Twelve Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, he decided to found The Owl’s Nest to help other families avoid the financial and emotional burden caused by unsuccessful treatment attempts.

Originally a 12 bed recovery house for men, the program was designed around the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous with an emphasis on personal responsibility, self-discipline, and community. Fueled by its success, the program quickly grew to include programs for men and women, as well as vocational rehabilitation and transitional living options. A short term program was also developed to tailor to those in the professional community seeking recovery.

Today, The Owl’s Nest now operates locations in Florence, SC and Tampa, FL with a total of 150 beds.

Here at The Owl’s Nest, alumni are more than just a number. Completing one of the primary programs grants clients exclusive membership to a fellowship and family that they will have forever. Owl’s Nest Alumni can be found across the country and once one becomes an alumni, they are always welcome back to the facility to share their experience, strength and hope with the newest residents.

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