Signs And Symptoms – Methamphetamine Abuse

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Signs And Symptoms – Methamphetamine Abuse

3 Most Common Signs And Symptoms of Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine came in the public eye more than a hundred years ago. This drug has thoroughly enjoyed a remarkable history. There are only a few drugs that have triggered as much distress as Meth. Since the 1960s, this lethal drug has become available because of revealed techniques to produce Methamphetamine in clandestine labs. However, knowing the ways to detect warning signs and symptoms of Methamphetamine abuse, and taking necessary steps to intervene when these warning signs show up can help to conserve a person’s life.

Signs and Symptoms of Methamphetamine Abuse

Most of the warning signs of Methamphetamine abuse are quite similar to some other sort of drugs like cocaine or other amphetamines. Listed below are 3 most common symptoms to consider if a person is abusing Meth or addicted to it.

Change In Sleep Habits

An individual on Methamphetamine is likely to be sleepless for a long time and then suddenly crash for long periods. So, one or two days with hardly any sleep could possibly be followed by several hours of continues snoozing, which is a common warning sign of Meth abuse.


People who use Meth could be volatile, likely to outbursts of anger or sometimes laughter, be awfully talkative, even after several sleepless nights. To the user, their words probably make sense to them, but the listener will find oddities in their conversation and their level of interest in regular or boring subjects.

Loss of Appetite

Lastly, if you see a healthy person is suddenly losing his interest from foods and his diet plan is noticeably changed, it is advisable to examine if the person is using Meth. A diminished appetite and severe weight loss are some of the most common symptoms of Meth abuse.

If the mentioned signs of Meth abuse pop up in someone you know, please call The Owl’s Nest. Even though the addict person would possibly not believe he or she is in danger, death or severe bodily damage can take place at any time with Methamphetamine abuse.