Signs and Symptoms – Cocaine Abuse



Symptoms and Signs of Abuse – Cocaine

Usually, it is quite obvious when someone is abusing drugs or alcohol, but hard to identify exactly what it is they are actually doing. When it comes to cocaine, there are several symptoms and signs to look out for.

The obvious sign to look for is that the person disappears often and when they return, they have a sense of confidence and are extremely talkative. Cocaine, being a stimulant, causes users to have a lot of energy and they usually cannot sit still. Being that the effects of cocaine don’t last very long, the person will consistently be coming and going so that they can use as often as possible. As energetic and confident as one may seem, they will lack appetite and can go very long periods of time without eating.

Some other things to look for in a person’s appearance include a constantly stuffy or runny nose, white residue in a person’s nose, constant bloody noses after long term use, dilated pupils and track marks if they are injecting the drug. Track marks can be found on ones hands, inner elbows, feet, between toes or on the shins or calves if veins are accessible in that area.

Someone who is constantly using cocaine will typically have some sort of financial hardship. Someone who is constantly working but is always asking for money is a big indicator. Cocaine requires a lot of maintenance and is very expensive so being able to financially maintain a cocaine habit is extremely hard. Cocaine abusers or cocaine addicts are known for stealing and will do a lot to get their next fix.

If you or someone you know is abusing or addicted to cocaine, please call us today!