Signs and Symptoms – Alcohol Abuse

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Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

The complication of alcoholism has a severe impact on thousands of people all over the world has an adverse effect not just on the user, but on the people around them like relatives, friends, and family. If you suspect that a person you know is having problem due to alcohol abuse, this article will help you to detect some of the primary warning signs and symptoms.

A major symptom of alcohol dependency is the rate of recurrence of alcohol or the incapability to pass a day without consuming alcohol beverage. An alcohol dependent person is typically not able to control the amount of alcohol he or she consumes. Due to the physical addiction a person develops to alcohol, most people who abuse it are more than willing to go to extremes to get their next drink to avoid physical withdrawals.  Most alcoholics or abusers have been involved in DUI related incidents and are typically not capable of driving due to their lack of judgement and impaired vision caused when under the influence of alcohol.

Another significant sign of alcohol abuse is when a person tries to hide his alcohol dependence by keeping his empty liquor canisters secret or consuming when no one is around so that they may hide the fact that they have a problem. Blackouts are also very common and obvious when someone fails to remember certain discussions or other major incidents the person was involved in.

Individuals who regularly consume alcohol will also build up a tolerance and require a lot more to reach the level of intoxication that they used to accomplish with much less alcohol. This tolerance will become a lot more obvious once the person begins to lose interest in all things that use to be important in their life. Remaining “buzzed” is a full time job and does not allow anyone to focus on anything else.

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