Signs And Symptoms of Benzo Abuse

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In low doses, benzodiazepines act as a sedative, but in higher doses, it’s like being on a hypnotic drug. Benzos are extremely addictive and have an extreme effect on people, both mentally and physically. Someone who is abusing benzos will almost appear to be drunk on alcohol. Abusers will also have poor coordination and blurred vision. When someone uses too much benzos, it can appear that they are in a “blackout” and have no recollection of what they did while under such a heavy influence. Another symptom of benzo abuse can include overdose, especially when mixed with alcohol. Both drugs will depress the central nervous system and cause someone to stop breathing.

Because Heroin is typically injected, it puts users at a greater risk of contracting serious, long-term viral and bacterial infections. Most heroin addicts typically use other drugs and alcohol, so the risk of overdose is higher. Also, addicts are so physically addicted to the drug, they are willing to commit serious crimes in order to get their fix.

Being that one who abuses benzos becomes physically dependent, users will go as far as finding the right doctor that will cooperate or using multiple doctors to get the supply they need to feed their addiction. Users will also buy this drug off the street and unfortunately, benzos are very cheap in comparison to other drugs. Be on the look-out for multiple pill bottles, bottles with someone else’s name and small plastic baggies from when these drugs are purchased on the street. Users will also go to the emergency room a lot because benzos are used very often in these situations to calm people or help with withdrawal.

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