Transitional Residential Treatment Program

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Transitional Residential Treatment (TRT) Program

The Owl’s Nest Transitional Residential Treatment (TRT) Program is designed for residents who have completed the IRT Program. Residents are housed and receive meals on campus and are encouraged to participate in activities outside of group sessions and workshops. Residents are also required to start attending 12-step meetings in the community in order to gain comfortability in that environment so that when they leave The Owl’s Nest, they do not hesitate to attend meetings.

In addition to presenting a path toward sobriety, the Owl’s Nest provides vocational rehabilitation and employment opportunities to give residents a chance to adjust to their newly discovered mindset. Included in vocational rehabilitation are job search tools such as filling out applications properly, résumé creation, and transportation to and from all job related activities. With tremendous alumni and community support, The Owl’s Nest is able to locate various employment opportunities in the area for interested residents. Alumni appreciate the solution that they found at the Owl’s Nest and invite the opportunity to share it with others.