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Upon completion of the Short Term Intensive Program, resident’s will have the option to continue on in our Long Term Extensive Program. This program will offer many of the same group sessions and workshops as well as a Vocational Element that will allow them to seek and gain employment.

Twelve Step Based

The Long Term program is also based on the twelve step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, the only time-tested, proven method of treatment for addiction.

There are workshops and group meetings every day for residents to gain a thorough understanding of addiction and the path to recovery. Our staff provides individualized and compassionate guidance on how to best implement the program in daily life.

Vocational Rehabilitation

In this Long Term Program, all residents are required to seek employment and, are encouraged to assume responsibility for themselves and their recovery.

Finding employment will allow residents to meet their rent commitment and to establish personal financial independence. Many people arrive here with poor work histories, but we can help to overcome this obstacle. Our Job Search team has the experience and the tools needed to help others secure employment. They provide guidance on where to look, how to apply online, and how to update and format a resume.