Alumni Testimonials

Alumni Testimonials

All Testimonials on this page are from actual Owl’s Nest Alumni. They give a brief summary of the miracles that have happened in their lives. If you are looking for hope please call us toll free at 855-OWLSNEST (695-7637).

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  • Within an hour and a half of my arrival at The Owl’s Nest, I had the answers to questions that had perplexed me for 32 years. Questions like: “What is wrong with me?” and “Why am I different from other people?” I was in a house full of other people who had asked the same questions and found the answers. Not only the answers, but also the solution. Today, I have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. I am once again a productive member of society and am dependable and depended upon. I have a purpose in life now, and that purpose is to share with the alcoholic that is still suffering, that which was so freely given to me: hope.
    -James H. Atlanta, GA
  • I was a sixth-grade school teacher and did not understand what was wrong with me. I lost everything including my family, so I tried everything I could to stop drinking and taking drugs. I thought I was destined to die that way until I ended up at another detox center and was given the phone number to The Owl’s Nest Recovery Community. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my life would change the way it has. Now everything I lost has been restored and I am truly happy, joyous, and free.
    -Hope W. Georgetown, SC
  • Having gone to so many treatments in the past, I did not think it would ever be possible for me to get and remain sober. Finally, on a last-ditch effort, my family sent me to the Owl's Nest. I made friendships that will last a lifetime and truly got into THE SOLUTION. The obsession to use drugs and alcohol has truly been removed and my life has been totally transformed in my fifteen months of sobriety. God has also blessed me with the opportunity to work in the Admission's Department at The Owl's Nest, and I have not looked back since.
    Devin M. Lake Ariel, PA
  • Dear Scott,Hope, and the other helping hands at The Owl's Nest, From the bottom of our hearts we thank you! Personally I would not have gotten through this journey without your ears and advise. I was a fish out of water flopping to and fro, drowning. It is quite amazing that there are angels like yourselves that give so freely. People that have found their calling to help others with such passion. I know I made a pest of myself but you calmed me and steered me in the right direction. I entrusted you with my most precious gift of all... my son. You have not only given him the spirituality that he needed, but you have also brought it back into my heart and Joe's. I know we have a long way to go, but I have a great feeling about Chris's second chance. His stay at The Owl's Nest has been invaluable, words cannot express our gratitude. I'm not sure how we can repay you but please know that if there is anything we can do for y'all please let us know. We are forever indebted to you. You will always be in my thoughts, heart, and prayers. Much love,
    Theresa B. Columbia, SC
  • I came to the Owl's Nest February 1st 2007. I have spent all my life trying to find out what was truly wrong with me. I couldn't stop using drugs and alcohol no matter how much it was hurting my family, kids and also myself. By my 3rd day at The Nest I heard the truth about addiction and it answered all the questions to why I did what I did. Now I am a productive member in society. I have a job doing what I love to do. Helping others just like me to the solution that was so freely giving to me. I have my family and children in my life. If I would have written down everything I wanted to gain from this program when I walked in the doors, I would have truly sold myself short. Thank God for The Owl's Nest Recovery Community.
    Daniel M. Anderson, SC
  • Coming to the Owls Nest saved my life. The staff are very helpful and wholeheartedly want you to succeed. Being surrounded by people who understand me and could relate to my fears and struggles was extremely helpful. I've been educated on my disease and have been taught that there is a solution! I can now live the life that God has planned for me. No matter how bad things get, there is always good in the world and I can honestly say I've found it 🙂 Thank you Owls Nest!
    Glory R. Myrtle Beach, SC
  • I have struggled with addiction and alcoholism for 15 years and the Owl's Nest is the only place that has given me hope again. I was lost and didn't understand why I was hurting my daughter and my family. I lost custody of my daughter, job, home, family,friends; I had lost hope. I wanted to quit hurting my family and live life sober and be happy, because I was only existing in this world. I thought I was going to die an addict. Then I found a recovery place called the Owl's Nest. I was scared and nervous about recovery, but I was willing to do anything to stay sober. I followed suggestions and worked the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Through working the 12 steps of AA and The Owl's Nest I have had a spiritual awakening and I have found peace of mind. Today I have my daughter in my life, my family wants to have a relationship with me, I have a great job, I have TRUE friends, and most importantly I have found GOD. My life is being restored and it's so much more than I could have ever dreamed. I owe a debt I could never repay to The Owl's Nest. I would recommend this place to anyone struggling with addiction or alcoholism.

    Jeree O. Hartsville, SC
  • I was a mother, daughter, wife, sister and aunt, but I sure didn't act like it. Before I even realized it I was lost and all I cared about was drugs. Making the decision to go to the Owls Nest, 10 hours away from home, was what I had to do to save my life. I was 90 pounds when I arrived scared out of my mind but I was willing to do what ever I had to do to save my life and get the me that I knew and loved back so that I could get my family back. Being at the Owls Nest I learned that I was worth loving and that life was worth living. I also learned that there are things that I had to let go of and had to start new. I am so happy now. I look in the mirror everyday and smile and thank God that he led me to the Owls Nest. I love who I am now. Being sober has giving my boys their mom back, my parents their daughter back and all my nieces and nephews their aunt back. I learned how to love again, to be loved and to smile. I am stronger now than I have ever been. I lost my husband in July of 2014 who was my best friend and my boys dad and because of the new person that I am, who my family at the Owls Nest showed me that I am, I got through it sober. I have most of my family back and I am in love with a wonderful man. I would have to say that I am most defiantly happy, joyous and free.
    Sam S. Grove City, OH
  • The Owl's Nest is the first recovery program I've ever been to, so during the trip there, I was absolutely terrified because I had no idea what to expect. That fear quickly faded into hope shortly after my arrival. This place has definitely changed my life in the best way possible and taught me how to get sober and stay that way. I never thought that I'd be able to wake up everyday, genuinely happy. Thank God my family heard about The Owl's Nest and suggested this recovery program because it has truly made me realize that there is a way out, and has given me the strength and courage to walk a healthier path than the one I was traveling down. Thank you Owl's Nest Recovery for providing me with the necessary tools to live a free and sober life.
    Ashley W. Morgantown, WV